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Lowering the Drinking Age to Eighteen Essays -- essays research papers

In 1984 Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole campaigned for all states to raise the legitimate drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one. The ramification for a state not raising the age was to lose a segment of their government parkway financing. I for one accept that the drinking age being twenty-one is much the same as when the democratic age was twenty-one, on the off chance that I can do battle and pass on for my nation, at that point I ought to have the option to go to the bar and purchase a brew.      One of the most concerning issues in our general public is under age drinking. They disclose to us how we aren’t permitted to drink, that we aren’t mature enough or develop enough to do it, yet the more grown-ups talk about it, the more young people need to do it. At the point when a child heads out to school, it’s expected that he is going to drink. Since most children don’t recognize what an aftereffect feels like, or what it’s like to get the twists, they don’t know their cutoff points and when they have to stop. That is the point at which you get individuals doing dumb things since they don’t know any better. The most significant thing for a youthful consumer to know is their breaking point. Any multi year old can drink mindfully in the event that they have a smidgen of experience. Tragically most guardians don’t need their children to drink, so we need to become familiar with the most difficult way possible w ithout anybody there to advise us to back off or to stop. For certain children that implies becoming ill one night and understanding that they shouldn’t drink that much next time, yet for some others the thought just never hits them, and they drink excessively and that is the point at which the difficulty begins. Last Saturday night a companion of mine drank excessively while she was out outdoors. She began to drop and was vomiting all over herself. The more experienced children in the gathering understood that she was in a difficult situation and they hurried her back to grounds where we had the option to get her cleared off and dealt with for the evening.      Many individuals contend that when the drinking age was raised to twenty-one, that liquor related passings among individuals under twenty-one dropped from 43% to 21%. What they don’t let you know is that liquor related passings among individuals between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-five went up nearly as much as the other gathering went down. Experience is the greatest instrument in battling the issues with underage drinking. The child who attends a university while never having gotten tanked will go all out at their first standard... curfews or can remain at a friend’s house. This next snippet of data depends on my sincere belief and encounters. For a secondary school understudy, liquor is exceptionally difficult to get. A few children luck out and have more seasoned kin or companions who will get it for them. For nearly every other person at that age, liquor is certainly not a major piece of their regular daily existence, and they go to an a lot simpler to get substance. Weed is one of the most regularly utilized medications by secondary school understudies. It is significantly simpler to get than liquor, and for most messes with it doesn’t appear as hazardous. You don’t wake up with a headache, and you aren’t as hindered as you are the point at which you are flushed. Most children will drive when they are high and not mull over it. There are numerous reasons why the drinking age ought to be brought down to eighteen, and there are numerous reasons why it should remain twenty-one. There is evidence that the two sides of the contention work. In different nations without a drinking age or with a brought down one, you don’t find out about the same number of alcoholic driving mishaps as you do in the United States. Perhaps the savoring the U.S. is much the same as the brutality, as Michael Moore put it, what’s so unique about us that gets it going?

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The Broad Communications Free Essays

The wide interchanges as strategies for correspondence produces messages which are proposed to accomplish innumerable with the target of growing an advantage (as refered to in Thompson and Heinberg, 1999). Due to the mass medias huge development all through society, Willinge, Touyz and Charles (2006), battle that it is likely without a doubt the most skilled and convincing transmitter of the appreciated self-observation for females. In the past pictures of brilliance and refinement were commonly delineated utilizing craftsmanship, music and composing. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Broad Communications or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now Anyway the media and its effect have drastically changed and created starting now and into the foreseeable future, and it is the current print and electronic media that have gone under much criticism for their depiction of the celebrated self-discernment (Thompson and Heinberg, 1999). Johnson, Tobin and Steinberg (1989) express that the slim immaculate self-observation which is delineated in the media is ordinarily 15% underneath the typical load of a women (as refered to in Hawkins, Richards, MacGranley and Stein, 2004). While Wiseman, Gray, Mosimann and Ahrens (1992) express that while the ordinary American women is in reality getting heavier, the media pictures of women are to be certain getting progressively thin (as refered to in Cory and Burns, 2007). Thompson and Heinberg (1999) continue adding to this dispute. They express that solitary 10% of women delineated on TV are overweight. This isn’t a veritable depiction of our overall population today. Willinge et al (2006) states that 75% of people met believed that the media progresses slimness as an ideal to attempt towards for women. Hawkins et al (2004) agree with these declarations and fight that while the media image of women winds up increasingly thin it is making the ideal body fundamentally progressively difficult to achieve and is making included weight women. Gordon (2008) continues seeing the media offer minimal good assortment in the delineation of women. In a report finished by Dove sound skin about ‘genuine’ ladies’ disposition towards the photos showed up in the media, 75% of women communicated that they should see more noteworthy not too bad assortment of women in the media. This included women of different shape, size and age (Etcoff, Orbach, Scott and D’Agostino, 2004). In later years the size zero example has been underlined and bolstered in various pieces of Western culture. Willinge et al. (2006) states that females are encouraged to attempt towards this image, regardless of the way that this ideal is finally uncommon and risky and out of reach for most. Berel and Irving (1998) communicated in a report that female understudies uncovered that the media associated the most weight on the chance of slimness than some other source (as refered to in Robles, 2011). While Bedford and Johnson (2006) express that increasingly young women are every now and again progressively fragile to the multidimensional thought of the media and thusly this routinely realizes decreased degrees of control levels. McKinley and Hyde (1996) report that the media depict men and women in different structures which may add to the sexual externalization as discussed as of now. All through the media pictures that address men all things considered concentrate all finished and head, while pictures addressing women will in general revolve around their body. McKinley and Hyde (1996) fight this is indisputable all through each visual sort of media, explicitly music chronicles, business and ladies’ magazines. This complement on the flimsy romanticized self-observation much of the time assembles the feeling sexual embodiment. They affirm that continued with introduction to these photos achieves various women needing to change their appearance attempting to ‘fit in’. Bessenoff (2006) claims that relentless introduction to these photos of the slender respected body in the media can have various negative ramifications for women including; a decrease in selfesteem, despairing and dietary issues. While McKinley and Hyde (1996) comment that one of the most observably awful effects that repeated prologue to the media can have on women is that of self externalization, that can't avoid being that women begin to see themselves as a body that is there for evalution. McKinley and Hyde (1996) agree with the end from Bessenoff (2006) and continue expressing that this accordingly prompts a diminishing in certainty and demoralization and most critical situation dietary issues. Instructions to refer to The Broad Communications, Papers

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The Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics - Writing Catch Phrases

The Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics - Writing Catch PhrasesA common mistake when writing the catcher in the rye essay topics is to ask a question that is answered by the title. They're not even the same thing. The first question doesn't necessarily have to be answered, the second can be. The following paragraphs will give you a step by step guide to writing catch phrases that work.The catcher is, of course, what gets them their meals and also the barrel from which they are caught. It's what keeps them from getting stuck in the barrel. So to answer the question, if you're writing about catchers, you need to make it clear that catchers aren't actually the meal, or the barrel that they are hung in.You can start with the obvious catch phrases like 'to catch'to hang.' This will instantly give the person the impression that you're talking about something that's different than what they're already aware of.Catchers are people who capture and drive away things that are trying to get into the house. You might think that's the definition of a catcher. But if you're writing about the coach, you're not talking about the golf pro. For the catcher in the rye essay topics, this should probably be changed to people who drive away things that are trying to get into the house.The main question has to be asked, 'What do catchers do?' This question will clearly establish what the subject is about. If the catchers were to get stuck in the wall, that would be the main question, but if you're talking about something like learning how to play guitar, that question could simply be something like, 'how does one become a great guitarist?'The main question should always be answered in the second sentence. The catchers that attempt to keep the objects out of the house are caught and thrown into the barrel. If they don't make it, they get a breakfast, because those are not allowed in the house. And any student is only allowed to take home a guitar lesson that's related to the topic.The main question should always be answered in the second sentence. The catchers that attempt to keep the objects out of the house are caught and thrown into the barrel. If they don't make it, they get a breakfast, because those are not allowed in the house.I'm sure the main question has been answered and I'm sure the second question should be answered as well. What you want to do is state your main question in the first sentence and give the other questions something to go off of.

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Imaginary Audience And Personal Fable - 1564 Words

1) Imaginary audience and Personal fable. Explain what this is and write some examples. Imaginary audience and personal fable are both part of the adolescents egocentrism. Adolescent egocentrism as proposed by Elkind is a heightened self-consciousness that is reflected in their belief that others are as interested in them as they are themselves and in their sense of unique individuality. The imaginary audience is an adolescence belief that others are as interested in them as they themselves are. It is also an attention getting behavior. These behaviors peak around 13 years of age. An example of this would be an adolescent who believes that everyone notices what they wear, for instance someone might notice that they wore the same outfit twice in a week even. Another example of this, the imaginary audience is where the child has a zit feels then everybody notices the zit. A personal fable is the part of an adolescent egocentrism involving a sense of uniqueness and invincibility. This sense of invincibility may lead to dangerous and reckless behaviors. They believe they are immune from dangers and other catastrophes these such as drugs, reckless driving, etc. Because of this, some adolescents engage in extremely risky behaviors like texting while driving, drag racing and unprotected sex. These teenagers believe that STD’s are something that other people get not themselves sense they are immune to such risks. A personal fable also involves the sense that the adolescent isShow MoreRelatedGrief: The Reason Behind Personal Fable and Imaginary Audience988 Words   |  4 PagesShow, Freaks and Geeks, share similarities with dealing with grief through personal fables and imaginary audience. The definition of personal fable is where someone believes that they are unique in everyway possible. This ties in with imaginary audience, which means someone seeking for attention, or believing that they are constantly being watched. This ties in together, because when a person is going through a personal fable, they sometimes focus on themselves, and believe that people are focusingRead MoreAdolescence : A Social And Cultural Construct1639 Words   |  7 PagesElkind’s model he uses two terms to explain egocentrism; the imaginary audience and the personal fable. The imaginary audience refers to the adolescent’s assumption that their preoccupation with their own appearance and behaviour is shared by their peers. This might result in feelings of embarrassment and low self-esteem if they are looking or acting differently than their group. The personal fable is the consequence of the imaginary audience, thinking that one is somehow special or unique and that theRead Mo reA Tribe Apart Essay1822 Words   |  8 Pagesamongst you. This is how, in my own words that I would define the meaning of Personal Fable. To be the center of attention when there is good and bad happening and the feeling you have thereafter depends on what you think that others think of you. They are always watching you as you imagine. They are the judge of your every move. You have to be cool, act cool, look cool. To me this is the definition of the Imaginary Audience. To have a constant judgment of your behavior can lead to a phobia or paranoiaRead MoreAdolescent Egocentrism Essay724 Words   |  3 Pagescognitive emphasize as well as a personal fable and the creation of an imaginaive audience (Santrock 2007). During this stage the adolescent tends to create a belief that they are on stage and the world is an audience they feel as if they are constantly being watched and the people surrounding them are interested solely on them this is also why many Adolescents spend hours in the mirror putting on make up or fixing their hair. An example of the imaginary audience concept is when a young boy or girlRead MorePhysical And Cognitive Development Of Children Essay1473 Words   |  6 Pageslast stage is, Formal Operations; children ages 11-12 years and older. Adolescent can think about abstract concepts and purely hypothetical possibilities and can trace the long-range consequences of possible actions (page 49). In my personal experience I have three children ages 3, 9 and 11. In all three of my children I can see the different cognitive development stages, but the one that stood out to me the most was my 11-year-old. She has gone through a lot of changes this last yearRead MoreVygotsky s Sociocultural Theory Of Adolescent Egocentrism, And Phinney s Ethnic Identity2007 Words   |  9 Pagesothers. It encapsulates the imaginary audience and the personal fable. The imaginary audience is the idea that adolescents constantly think others are â€Å"aware and attentive to one’s appearance and behavior† (81). This idea came about because adolescents think about themselves so much and are always so conscious of acute things such as what they are wearing. This causes adolescents to be much more self conscious than necessary. Personal fable builds upon the imaginary audience-- seeing as people are alwaysRead MoreAdolescence Essay1057 Words   |  5 Pagesadolescent egoce ntrism is the heightened self-awareness of teenagers. Elkind suggests that there are two components that make up adolescent egocentrism: imaginary audience and personal fable. Imaginary audience is the belief that teenagers often hold in which all eyes are on them, that everyone else is as interested in them as they are in themselves. Personal fable, on the other hand, is the belief that they are invincible and entirely unique. This belief is what causes them to feel that bad things cannotRead MoreAdolescent Cognitive Development For Parents1496 Words   |  6 Pagesas â€Å"adolescent egocentrism† and explains that they assume that what is important to them is important o everyone, and that every action that they make is being observed a term called â€Å"imaginary audience†. This can be stressful on parents, as they will have to deal with the real high drama that comes with that imaginary â€Å"I am being watched† belief (p.192). If a parent has both males, and females than they can expect that the females will experience this earlier that the males, the females peak at aroundRead MoreThe Major Hormonal Changes That Occur During Adolescence1100 Words   |  5 Pagesaware of their appearance as well as become overly sensitive to criticism. This is called the imaginary audience. Imaginary audience however may be a positive reaction that also serves as a protective function. When an adolescent is focused on others perception of their appearance and behavior, they are learning to establish and independent sense of self. A second cognitive distortion is personal fable. This is when teens feel that they are unique and have an over inflated sense of self-worth. ThisRead MoreSong Is Popular Among Teens988 Words   |  4 Pagesis how Miley Cyrus expresses her sexuality and defies the norms of society. Miley Cyrus explicitly uses sex as an undertone to promote and portray messages to her targeted audiences. An example, â€Å"I always get a t en cause I m built like that† that refers to her body and thinking that she is perfect in the eyes of her audience. In addition, she wears provocative attire like see through bras, underwear and her use of foul language in causal conversation plays an important role how adolescence teenagers

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The Problem Of Community College Students - 731 Words

I, like many new LaGuardia students, would walk around campus with my head down in disappointment with myself. Every time somebody asked where I went to school I would cringe and respond softly â€Å"LaGuardia Community College† and would get a response like â€Å"oh that’s good† as if to spare my feelings. Unfortunately, LaGuardia like many other community colleges nationwide have a negative connotation associated with them because they are the institutions that accept those students that did not make it to other private or public universities. Or those students that were hit the hardest with life. It would be wrong to not point out the socioeconomic disparity of those who attend schools like LaGuardia where 61.8% of students who live with their families have a family income of under $25,000 a year. I fall under this demographic and am also an underrepresented minority as a Latino of Colombian background. This is the story of how I let my curiosity lead me to su ccess and how I let go of the misconception that community college students were unable to achieve. When I enrolled in LaGuardia I was 2 years removed from high school and had no clear academic direction. I signed up for one of the first semester cluster courses that were centered around a topic that I found genuinely interesting called â€Å" Globalization: You and The World.† That was my first great decision because I was met with an abundance of great professors and peers. The cluster course catalyzes peer to peerShow MoreRelatedCollege LGBT Students Discrimination in Employment, Education and Community: Problems and Possible Solutions2588 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿College LGBT Students Discrimination in Employment, Education and Community: Problems and Possible Solutions Alcantara, Ma. Romelie Azucena, Claire The Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan (2006) once said that â€Å"Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.† However, despite this and all of the actions done by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, BisexualRead MoreEducation College Students Face A Very Long Road For Graduation919 Words   |  4 Pagesbiggest problem that almost all people have to face and during their college life, it is hard for students to manage money for tuition fees, bills, and for the food and shelter. â€Å"Community College Students Face a Very Long Road to Graduation† is an article written by Ginia Bellafante and published by The New York Time on October 3, 2014. In the article, Bellafante has written about the LaGurdia Community College student, Vladimir de Jesus academic life and also talks about why Community Colleges haveRead MoreEducation College Students : An Article By Ginia Bellafante And Published By The New York Time980 Words   |  4 Pagesbiggest problem that almost all people have to face and during their college life. It is hard for students to manage money for tuition fees, bills, and for the food and shelter. â€Å"Community College Students Face a Very Long Road to Graduation† is an article written by Ginia Bellafante and published by The New York Time on October 3, 2014. In the article, the author has written about the LaGurdia Community College student, Vladimir de Jesus academic life and also talks about why Community College haveRead MoreEducation Is The Most Powerful Weapon1373 Words   |  6 Pages(Nelson Mandela). United States. has a powerful educational arsenal, its community colleges. For the reason being, community college should be free for students of less fortunate and other students who cannot afford college after high school. If the government proposed free community college to th e students, each and everyone will have the chance to get an education as well the opportunity to have a better future. Free community college is a really important matter that will not be solved in a year, ItRead MoreUnited States Department Of Education Essay776 Words   |  4 PagesDear United States Department of Education, I’m currently a new student at Highline community college who is trying to keep up with the fast pace and pressure of college. I want to be successful and pass all my classes with good grades but, I know I can’t do it all on my own. All the resources we have available to us as students are very helpful such as tutors, counselors, and financial aid advisers and I intend to take full advantage of all the resources available to me. It’s very important toRead MoreThe Relationship Between Student Success Courses and Academic Achievement of Community College Students645 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Importance of the problem With the intent of raising the state’s mediocre ranking among higher education institutions, the Tennessee Legislature passed into law the Complete College Act (CCA) in 2006. Setting a goal of increasing the number of college graduates by 3.5 percent annually, the law has radically reformed the way Tennessee funds its public community colleges and universities. Eliminating the old enrollment formula, which funded the institutions based on student enrollment headcountsRead MoreIs College Tuition Really That High?919 Words   |  4 PagesCollege is a big obstacle for students because not everyone has enough financial support going through college. In his article, â€Å"Is College Tuition Really That High?† Adam Davidson discusses that the average student does not receive enough financial aid. Education is one of the most efficient ways to becoming successful and learning more about the world they live in. These days, students entering college do not receive enough fina ncial aid to pay off tuition due to the increases in tuition and reductionRead MoreCollege Student Retention And Success1423 Words   |  6 PagesAmber Caplan 01/28/16 College Student Retention and Success Part 1: Identify the student retention and success initiative The Achieving The Dream Initiative Many institutions face challenges retaining and graduating community college students. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators need work together to find ways to help these students succeed. Through the use of the Achieving the Dream initiative, the organization can help community colleges and their students to stay with their schoolRead MoreEssay about Key Prepartions For College Life1127 Words   |  5 Pages In today’s society it is important to receive a college education to join the workforce. However, the transition from high school to college can be a very intimidating experience for many students. To make the college transition less frightening, students can take several precautions while still in high school. These precautions include participating in extracurricular activities, taking challenging courses, as well as developing good time management skills. Participation in extracurricular activitiesRead MoreSubstance Abuse Among Teenagers And Adolescents1703 Wo rds   |  7 Pagestransforming into America’s number one public health problem, as numbers of high school and college students abusing drugs and alcohol are on the rise (2011). In a national survey done by CASA at Columbia University, they found that 75 percent of high school students have used an addictive substance. In addition, 46 percent of high school students reported currently using an addictive substance, and approximately 12 percent of high school students were discovered to meet the clinical diagnosis criteria

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Approaches to Crime Prevention Essay - 1036 Words

The Dominant Approaches Used For Crime Prevention Jamal Sanchez Bush Crime Prevention CJ212 June 21, 2011 Introduction Crime prevention has influenced by so many fields like sociology, psychology, criminology, urban planning and design, health care, education, community development, economics social work, among the others. This paper focuses on the dominant approaches to crime prevention which is currently used by law enforcement, courts, and corrections. The dominant approaches to crime prevention are situational, social development, community crime prevention, and community policing. Dominant approaches to crime prevention Situational – The interventions designed for reducing the opportunity for the†¦show more content†¦Developmental Prevention Developmental prevention is new frontier of the crime prevention efforts. May be because kids are much sympathetic recipients of the government attention funds than are the teenage delinquent adult criminal, spending, scale of the social programs research on the kid development exceeds those for the situational or the community prevention (Crime Prevention through Social Development). The interventions aimed at improving life chances of kids at the risk warrant support for the reasons wholly independent of the crime prevention but even to concern the crime prevention emerging findings are promising. Community Police Approach This approach is based on police community reciprocity; police public cooperate for preventing for solving the crimes. The vital premise of this approach is that the police must fight with crime locally rather than the follow dictates from the Washington. The Community policing mostly features the de-centralization of the command via sub-stations for increasing the police citizen interaction. This also involves the foot patrol so the police may walk talk with the citizens. The New York City the other metropolitan areas incorporate into the community policing the zero tolerance attitudes toward the minor crimes disorder for enhancing the feelings of community The most effectiveShow MoreRelatedEssay on Approaches to crime prevention1666 Words   |  7 Pages Approaches to crime prevention have emerged over time and are demonstrated in different solutions, practices, and policies executed by law enforcement, courts, corrections, family, and community. Some of the dominant approaches to crime prevention currently used by law enforcement, courts, corrections, family, and community are: situational crime prevention, crime prevention through social development, crime prevention through environmental design, community crime prevention, reduction of recidivismRead MoreCrime Is A Serious Problem1487 Words   |  6 PagesPolicing and fighting crime are two terms often associated together. Crime is a serious problem in cities and a lot of people are affected by it. Victims, criminals and their families are touched by the outcomes of crime. Crime has increased over the years and is continuing to do so. The city of Memphis has experienced a great increase of crime. Memphis Police have developed initiatives to reduce crime, using federally funded programs. Unfortunately, crime problems such as theft, assaults and homicideRead MoreUsing Material from Item a and Elsewhere, Assess Sociological Views of Crime Reduction Strategies.841 Words   |  4 Pagesassess sociological views of crime reduction strategies. (21 marks). There are numerous different types of strategies for crime reduction. These include crime prevention tactics which are suitable for whole societies, and also forms of punishment which are suitable for individuals. Crime prevention strategies include situational crime prevention, environmental crime prevention, and social and community crime prevention. Ron Clark describes situational crime prevention as ‘a pre-emptive approach thatRead MoreTools and Techniques Used by Police1094 Words   |  4 Pages Tools and techniques used by the police, that support policing and crime prevention, include Geographical information systems (GIS) and SARA, however, the European Union Network on Crime, uses the â€Å"Five I’s† method (Shaw, et al, 2010, p.xx). According to the European cross-country crime statistics, surveys and reports, 2012, justice, crime, and crime prevention measures, were not part of the EU acquis until the mid-1990s, so data has only been collected from Member States since then. The EuropeanRead MoreCrime Prevention Is A Rather Elastic Term1620 Words   |  7 Pages‘Crime prevention’ is an extremely broad term that intends to change and shape behaviour or events in order to reduce the possibility or probability of crime. â€Å"Crime prevention is a rather elastic term, which at its broadest encompasses any activity intended to reduce the frequency of events defined as crimes by the criminal law† (Hough et al, 1980 cited in Doherty, 2005, p.126). Thus is can be hard to completely define crime prevention in one singular definition, as there are many areas that canRead MoreCrime, Prevention And Reduction903 Words   |  4 PagesWhilst studying Crime, Prevention and Reduction, I have learnt about different strategies and theories which relate to policing and how crime can be reduced and prevented. There are many different agencies which work alongside the police to tackle crime. These agencies are; NHS Trust, counselling, local councils, and education services. There are also many different theories which I researched throughout this module which can help reduce crime. The theories which are related to policing are, hotspotRead MorePolice Methods And Strategies For Police Officers1505 Words   |  7 Pagesthat the public is safe. These strategies entail beyond response to calls as a traditional method in the provision of service. In fact, they usually aim at crime intervention, prevention, as well as, effectiveness th rough the mechanisms such as efficient distribution of resources, community outreach, collection of criminal data, mapping of crime and location of suspect (Scaramella, Cox McCamey, 2011). These police officers also put their life at risk to protect the citizens of America. Smets (2012)Read MoreCCTV Systems Role in Reducing Crime Essay1423 Words   |  6 PagesCCTV Systems Role in Reducing Crime The general purpose of the CCTV is to prevent and reduce crime. In theory, this happens because of one or more of these reasons: 1. Deterrence: potential burglars and thieves may see the camera and decide that a store in question is too much of a risk and therefore not a good target. 2. Prosecution: thieves and shoplifters may be caught on camera and this can help catch and prosecute them. 3. Fear reduction: if everyone knowsRead MoreCrime Prevention : The Primary Responsibility Of State Governments1173 Words   |  5 PagesCrime prevention in Australia is the primary responsibility of state governments. The local government plays a significant role in developing and delivering crime prevention and to implement policies and legislation within the community in order to provide a safer environment for the public. The local government makes valuable contributions to the multi-layered crime strategies and initiatives which keeps communities safe. The role of local governments in crime prevention uses â€Å"a comprehensiveRead More1)Analyze The Trends Affecting Security And Loss Prevention987 Words   |  4 Pages1)Analyze the trends affecting security and loss prevention and determine the approaches to reduce losses facing businesses and institutions The biggest loss for the airport would be stealing of aircraft or parts, as well as purposely trying to harm the plane or anyone on it (Gardner, 1995). Some things that can be done to prevent access to the planes would be making sure they are all in a locked hanger. The use of barriers, fences, controlled and locked gates, CCTV, and limit pedestrian and vehicle

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Othello Tragism Essay Example For Students

Othello Tragism Essay William Shakespeares Othello presents all of the elements of agreat tragedy, according to Aristotles definition: A tragedy is theimitation in dramatic form of an action that is serious and complete, withincidents arousing pity and fear wherewith it effects a catharsis of suchemotions (Poetics 14) He also adds, The language used is pleasurableand throughout, appropriate to the situation in which it is used. Thecentral features of the Aristotelian archetype are manifested in GeneralOthellos character. Although Othello is great, he is not perfect. He has atragic flaw, hubris (excessive pride and passion), and hamartia (some error),which lead to his downfall. However, Othellos misfortune is not whollydeserved. His punishment exceeds the crime, keeping him admirable in thetheatergoers eyes. Before Othellos tragic flaw results in his unfortunatedeath, he has increased awareness and gained self-knowledge or, as Aristotledescribes it has experienced a discovery. (Poetics 15) All of thisprodu ces a catharsis or emotional release at the end of the play. A tragedy,when well performed, does not leave an audience in a state of depression butcreates a shared, common experience. What causes Othellos downfall? Somecritics claim that Othellos tragic flaw is his jealousy while others insistthat jealousy is not part of his character, that the emotion takes over onlywhen Iago pushes him to the brink of insanity. Evidence in the play supports thenotion of insanity. Othello doesnt show himself to be jealous early in theplay. It is not until Othello is manipulated by Iagos skillful lies that he isforced to confront his jealousy and mistrust. His love and trust of Iago serveto prove his gullibility, Jealousy and self-doubt poison his sensibilities andinnocence, and the realization of his blind trust leads to his sorrowful end. Aswith most of Shakespeares tragic heroes, Othello possesses all the virtuesprescribed for the character type. He is of noble birth; he is self-controlled;he is religious; he has the respect of his men; and he demonstrates excellentleadership. His magnetism is what draws Venetian senators and soldiers alike andwhat captivates Desdemona. All of this supports the idea that he is not (at theplays opening) a jealous, enraged, or mad man. He has convincing self-esteemwhich he later loses to the deception of Iagos evil ploy. It can be noted thatOthellos character flaw is his blind trust and naivet. These character traitscontribute to his misled downfall. It would be neglectful, if not irresponsible,to overlook Iagos role in the play. His hate for Othello and Cassio drives hisevil motive through a string of lies affecting the entire cast. From the firstact, the antagonist is troubled: I know my price, I am worth no worse a place. But he (as loving his own pride and purposes) Evades them with a bumbastcircumstance Horribly stuffd epithites of war, And in conclusion, Nonsuits mymediators; for, Certes, says he, I have already chose myofficer. And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician, One MichaelCassio, a Florentine (A fellow almost damnd in a fair wife), That never set asquadron in the field, Nor the division of a battle knows (Othello. I.i.11-23)Iago never reveals his dissatisfaction with the military arrangement to Othello. Instead, he makes use of Othellos innocence and trust to satisfy his wickedend. He constantly boasts of his love for Othello and patronizes him regularlythroughout the play. At Iagos first attempt to instill jealousy in the trustingOthello, he is successful. Othellos concern at Iagos implications entices himto learn more. Iago plays a verbal game with Othello to arouse suspicion. Thispiques Othellos interest and starts his mind to wonder. Iago is successful atthe point he proclaims, O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eydmonster which doth mock The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss Who,certain of his fate, loves not his wronger; But O, what damned minutes tells heoer Who dotes, yet doubts; suspects, yet strongly loves! 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He claims that Iago is a man of honesty and trust;To his conveyance I assign my wife (I.iii.286). Othello has noreason to distrust Iago at this point. Time after time, Othello fails to seethrough Iagos deceptions. Iago is a military man; Othello is familiar dealingwith soldiers and men he trusts and, moreover, Iago has a widespread reputationfor honesty. Othello