Saturday, July 27, 2019

Corporate Strategy - HSBC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Corporate Strategy - HSBC - Essay Example The economic activities have accelerated in the current century, the economic opportunities have been explored, and wealth proportion has expanded instead of getting more concentrated. The HSBC therefore adopted a policy of variance, aimed at adaptability towards economic progression. The economic expansion and rapid circulation of wealth intensified the activities of the banking sector, and for the procurement of its share, the HSBC broadened the horizon of its banking facilities. The requirements and the expectations of the consumers revolutionized, and for this purpose the banking sector was compelled to adopt and introduce set of revised and modified scheme which primarily focused on lending services, the deposition activities although gained a massive momentum, but the contribution in this regard was mainly from the wealthy people, the lending services were sought by the industries, corporate world and the major portion of society. Initially the banking institute was reluctant to adopt the concept of accountability and transparency, but once the population of the consumers rose, and the banking institute developed linkages with different clients, the bank was forced to ensure that accountability and transparency is practiced in all its form. The economic expansion did not only broaden the horizon for the HSBC, rather the other banking institutes also strengthen and received an equal opportunity for procurement of contracts and opportunities. The HSBC ther efore had to intensify the implementation of its plan in the wake of economic expansion, and rising competition. The HSBC developed an strategy, previously when the economic activities were sluggish, the bank focused on the areas where the community sought financial assistance and safeguard for the deposition of their money and other valuables, lately when the technological revolution improved the qualitative and the quantitative standards of living, the bank adopted an entirely different strategy to overcome the needs of the customers, not by offering to them what they require, but by offering to the customers all which they should inherit in this period of technological development, so that the improved quality standards can be availed by the customers. The bank focused from routine operation to an arena of innovation, where the need was never felt but generated to apprise the customers about the qualitative enhancement of life, through different financial schemes. Financial scheme has been another area where the banking institute adopted subjective approach, and tried to offer variety of financial awards and offers to facilitate the customers in return for nominal interest rate. The institute explored the areas, and converged in those where the public interest was dominant. Previously the banking institute expressed their reluctance towards plans of investment for the incorporation of financial modalities and services, aimed at fostering ties with the customers. With the passage of time, the HSBC adopted and

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