Friday, July 26, 2019

Reaction paper on the article by droogsma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reaction paper on the article by droogsma - Essay Example Their response contradicted with the unfounded perception of the Non-Muslim members. The women highlighted various significant aspects of the veil. Droogsma explains the veil to be critical in displaying one’s identity while highlighting their affiliation to the Muslim religion. However, one’s clothing may be a source of discrimination (Droogsma, 2007). The Muslim veil also served as a behavior control to Muslim women. Veiled Muslim women were less likely to behave inappropriately as opposed to their unveiled counterparts. Interviewed women admitted that the veil aided in upholding the Muslim values, such as behaving decently in the presence of members of the opposite gender (Droogsma, 2007). This aided them in earning respect from both Muslim and Non-Muslim members of the society. In my view, it is critical for the societal members to respect the Veiled Muslim members, and look into their rationale for wearing the veil. Some researchers also script biased document that tend to criminalize the veil while ignoring the opinion of the concerned Muslim women (Droogsma, 2007). Mitigation measures ought to be in place, to eliminate the discrimination of the Muslim women within the American society. However, the decision to put on the veil should be personal, and religion should compel women into putting on the

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