Thursday, September 12, 2019

Immigration Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Immigration Studies - Essay Example With the strong determination of the Chinese immigrants to start a new life, the new Chinatown in Los Angeles was created. The transformation of the old Chinatown to a new and better one opened a number of possibilities and opportunities to Chinese businessmen and residents. The new Chinatown became one of the global economic centers in the entire United States due to industrialization and emergence of a number of businesses and trades within the area. These were also added by the establishment of Chinatown art scene in the late 1990s. The Chinatown art scene showcased the rich history, beliefs, traditions, and cultures of Chinese which attracted a number of local and international tourists to visit and witness various cultural heritage of Chinese. Museums and galleries had been made to house these cultural attractions which give tourists broader knowledge and understanding on Chinese culture. Consequently, the tourism industry in China town grew and developed. This further allows Ch inese immigrants to have another means of living/ earn extra income. ... The place is known to be the â€Å"ideal home city and the residential center for industrial workers† (Sides 584) which attracted and encouraged a number of Californians to migrate in the Compton for them to have greater chances of having white-collar jobs and to experience suburban tranquility and peacefulness. The industrialization of the city further benefited all its residents as it gave a more comfortable environment to work and live in. The place was highly dominated by white Americans who strongly restrict black Americans to enter or to even cross over Compton mainly because of their negative perceptions that â€Å"black are both unnecessary and evil† (Sides 585). Stereotyping in the entire city can greatly be observed which can be manifested on the resistance of the white Americans of the construction of Compton’s housing complex for it was considered as â€Å"Negro housing† (Sides 585). They further engaged into harassing African American motorist s who dared to cross in the boundaries of Compton. However, due to the results on the case of Shelley v. Kramer and Barrows v. Jackson, the Supreme Court finally decided to abolish â€Å"racially restrictive housing covenants† (Sides 585) allowing black Americans to freely own a land and a house especially in Compton. After which, there was a growing number of Black American families who had acquired chances to have double income, opportunities to have blue and white collar jobs, as well as the privilege to be in an urban community which is highly industrialized. On the other hand, the perception of white Americans on blacks remained the same. They do not want to live in a community with a number of blacks surrounding them. Thus, most of them decided to sell their houses and properties to

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