Sunday, September 8, 2019

Police Actions & Courts Procedures Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Police Actions & Courts Procedures - Assignment Example It is a legal, moral, ethical imperative, and also a practical requirement in law enforcement. Respecting and upholding human rights by the police promotes successful legal prosecutions in court, public confidence and community policing. The police forces are considered to be part of the community and the social function they perform is viewed as valuable (Taylor, 2003). Knowledge of human rights put policemen in a closer relationship with the community, and this makes them capable of preventing and solving crimes through proactive policing. This promotes peaceful complaints and conflicts resolution. It is true to say that the court has put adequate measures to protect citizens from overzealous police officers. The courts have clearly laid down frameworks that define the legal rules for police officers to use their powers (Denning, 2012). The courts have also recommended the review and investigations of police officers who have cases of brutality against members of the public. In small police departments, sergeants’ investigates the complaints filed by civilians against police officers. However, in large police departments, the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) will investigate cases filed by civilians against law enforcers. The reports and reviews are submitted to the Chief of Police who disciplines the incriminated police officers. The Supreme Court’s case involving the Fourth Amendment’s veto on irrational searches fails to clearly differentiate between a routine search for marijuana or stolen goods and a preventive search for anthrax vial or a bomb. In addition to that, the government must have a probable cause and the belief that the intended search would expose evidences of crime before obtaining a wiretap, searching a dwelling or doing a thorough check in a car (Welty, 2012).. These rules and regulations do not make sense since the rationale of conducting the search is to prevent

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