Friday, June 14, 2019

Case Study 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

3 - Case Study ExampleMany of these air freight rate firms are turning to specialization, i.e. transporting heavy and oversize cargo. The pioneer and leader of specialized air freight operations are Volga-Dnepr, a Russian airfreight company (, 2012).One of the strategies that the company has employed to lead in this field is a thorough marketing run for on the international market. They have also come up with a system of transporting different goods, and this has given the market a unique market product. some(a) of the unique products include eighty-one ton coca-cola bottling equipment, heavy chemical reactors, oil and gas equipment and concert equipment for music artists. The unique opportunity enabled the company to obtain numerous international clients who provide Volga-Dnepr with ninety percent of its income (, 2012).The specialization strategy is the primary factor that has led the company to grow. Volga-Dnepr saw a problem a nd they came up with strategies to work it. They have also embraced technology with the acquisition of new aircrafts and adding more to their freight. These are commendable policies and it is clear that Volga-Dnepr will continue to,. (2012).Innovative Technologies in Aviation Logistics the European Business Review Empowering communications globally. Retrieved 20 April 2015, from

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