Saturday, June 22, 2019

Living Together or Getting Married Research Paper

Living To set upher or Getting Married - Research Paper ExamplePeople have been cohabiting for contrasting reasons. Many young adults are adopting this phenomenon because the rate of divorce has increased considerably and this has been cited as the major factor encouraging staying unitedly rather than marrying (Barlow et al 2001). Its instead obvious that young heap in the current generation see this as a way of achieving the benefits of marriage while at the same condemnation evading the risk of divorce. Finances are the main cause of fights in get married couples as cited by many researchers. When couples live together as in cohabiting, they get a chance to learn more about the spending habits of their partners as they share expenses and meet other obligations together. In this way, they can assess if their partner is genuinely the type of a person who can handle marriage issues plus when people cohabit and things do not work out their way, they are not legally obliged to ea ch other and do not have to seek religious authorization to break up their relationship (Hamilton 2005).Young people see this as a simple way for testing out whether a relationship would work or not. Just resembling the way it happens in colleges when you stay with your roommates and get to know their true character, living together allows the couple to get well acquainted with each others habits and behaviors and observe the way they operate in their daily life (Barlow et al 2001). Living together gives people who love each other more opportunities to experience and share their intimacy in term of sex and emotional relationship without necessarily being married. Cohabiting is basically a trial to marriage and its less complicated when dissolving it after failing as the couple does not incur unnecessary loss of finances like welfare, alimony or pension making the break less messy on the other hand if it works, the two can get married (Leadership U1999). Cohabiting before Marriage is BeneficialMost of the people in intimate relationships are employ this method as the best measure to find out the character of their partners. Definitely in people from the past generations were to be asked, they would disregard of this as shacking up (Hamilton 2005). When dating, the other partner can display very decent character traits because the courtship may be defined by short visits now and hence and this cannot bring out the true self of a person as incase they become angry every person goes his/her way to cool glowering and may apologizes later then fall back together. This is no big deal compared to living together, people tend to uncover their true being when staying together and you can be able to understand how they handle conflicts and most likely this may not be pretty. If one cannot handle this, what can happen when married Cohabiting exposes such habits and one may be able to find a way to make it work or walk away (Barlow et al 2001). apart from anger manag ement, another issue is cleanliness and individual hygiene some people can appear to be very clean and smart but their houses looks like garbage dump. There are other things that one finds out from living together though some may be considered petty for instance take a breath very loudly at night or talking in their sleep even sleep walking. Some people usually dont change their habits and this forget start revealing

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