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Analyzing a movie Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Analyzing a celluloid - Term Paper warningOthers had to work in the diamond mines they were slaves in their witness country. Diamonds were what RUF primarily sought and they were essential for RUFs selection so that they could use them to get weapons. Diamonds were not only mined by the inhabitants of the country, but they were not use by them. They were sold off by RUF finished Liberia, which was sierra Leones neighboring country and the president in that respect supported the RUF. The country was also stripped of its assets and the diamonds which were known as farm animal or infringe diamonds because they were found and mined in the war zone areas and funded insurgencies. Then they were traded all around the world through Liberia. (Mitchell, Zwick and Herskovitz) The movie is set in 1999 and the lives of an Anglo mercenary and a fisherman in Sierra Lone hold with an American reporter. They are Danny Archer, Solomon Vandy and Maddy Bowen respectively. Solomons town is rava ged by the RUF troops and rebels cause the villagers to run for their lives. The RUF took children and happy them to be their soldiers and basically killers and this violent war began in which there 10,000 of these child soldiers. Solomon is forced to work in the mines for diamonds and so is his son. The kids from Sierra Lone are shown as being below the RUF members and the children are taught to become sectionalization of them and forget their own in other words they become terrorists. Solomon stumbles across a huge knock diamond and hides it and campaigns to do that till the end. In jail Danny Archers and Solomons paths cross and there is again a mix in races between the Anglo mercenary who lived in Zimbabwe and the rural poor of Sierra Lone. Everyones goal is still the same regardless of their race or class to get the blood diamonds before anyone else gets to them. There is a gender bias in the movie since apart from one woman, the symmetry arent highlighted, they being the rural poor and the women in Sierra Lone who suffer terrible hardships as well, mostly with their hands and feet cut off and the movie is predominantly male in nature since the struggle is between the two male actors. Maddy Bowen brings in a further blend of ethnicities because she is an American reporter with her own agenda she wants to write a story on the blood diamonds and their corporations and this also brings in a forest of an American reporter in a place where women reporters were unheard in fact the entire movie depicts reporters and such concepts as being predominantly absent in the rural poor areas of Sierra Lone. (Mitchell, Zwick and Herskovitz) The romanticist connect in the movie is also between the Anglo and the American ethnicities and Bowen agrees to Archers proposal for a story in return for help in looking for Solomons family. There is also a hearing in South Africa where Maddy and Solomon travel together where solutions to the blood diamond problem are discussed at the Kimberly Conference. Solomon again seems to represent the lower class he is awkward in the court room pose in a suit, and in the room full of groomed people talking about problems they couldnt relate to since they werent experiencing it made him feel further alienated. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was an outcome of the meeting in 2000 and it was finally implemented in 2003 according to this scheme the diamonds

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