Saturday, April 27, 2019

First modern decade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

First modern hug drug - Essay Examplety of New York, Woodrow Wilson from the Democratic party of New Jersey, William H Taft from the Republican party of Ohio and Eugene V Debs from the complaisantist party from Indiana. In the election process held in the year 1912 Woodrow Wilson won and was elect as the President of United States. Roosevelt was previously working for the Republican Party however after getting unaffectionate from the Republican he formed is owns party the Progressive. According to Roosevelt there was no initiative taken by the political members regarding progress hence he challenged Taft was the candidate of his former party, the Republican. The election was conducted with majority contenders Wilson and Roosevelt. Taft was never a challenge for Roosevelt.The major issues during the election included trust, tariffs and women. Both Roosevelt and Wilson had different opinion regarding these issues. Wilson mainly focused on the short term issues like price rise and t rust of stack by reducing monopoly of industries. These concerns were taken care of after Wilson won the election. The main reason behind his winning was his democratic party which got elected for the very first time leading to positive expectation in people. On the other move on Roosevelt mostly considered on the long term issues like women empowerment and he partially supported tariffs because it was beneficiary for wage labors. Roosevelts major concern was women empowerment because he knew that his country can be actual all over only by providing equal rights to women so that there could be a social balance in the society and this was the place from where the modern society emerged. Despite of these issues Wilson won the election with 42% of the popular vote (Ferguson 64). Roosevelt definitely had very strong opinions and he was able to form good campaigning and won the election with 27% votes. The long term significance of this election was the mode of approach to people by the four candidates. All the candidates spoke for a

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