Friday, April 26, 2019

Research Essay on TV shows Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Research on TV shows - Essay ExampleDuring 1999-2000, reality shows such as free Brother and Survivor were a boom in the silver screen. Watching real people competing with each(prenominal) other or struggling against a personal battle can be great pastime as well as inspire and motivate viewers.Makeover programs are a significant sub house of reality television where nursing home, garden, behaviour, appearance, wardrobes are drastically transformed to meet certain standards. There is a all-inclusive range of makeover programs such as Swan, Queer eye for the straight guy, How to look good naked, Amazing Race, etcetera that project peoples personal struggles with relationships, career, sports, fear, weight and physical appearance. Similarly, home improvement makeover programs such as BBCs bode Designs or ABCs just about popular Extreme makeover home edition are roughly of the most popular programs highlighting home improvement struggles. TV ratings have proved that people go to bed watching makeovers or transformations undergo in the matter of an hour (reality-TV. find the best). To viewers at home anything seems possible when they watch ordinary people achieve their goals. On the flip side, beauty makeover programs have as well as created a culture where beauty is seen as a commodity ,that can be bought and sold, and that a ideal physical appearance is important for self-confidence, happiness and sense of belonging. This paper will delve into two of the most important makeover shows in the history of television ABCs Extreme Makeover and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Differences and similarities establish on identity, appearance and transformation will be discussed in details.ABCs Extreme Makeover series, first of all started airing in November of 2002, offers both female and male contestants a complete physical transformation that centers on thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery. (Davis,

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