Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Critically discuss how ratio analysis can help in the prediction of Essay

Critically discuss how ratio analysis can help in the prediction of bankruptcy - Essay Examplet on the basis of pecuniary ratios and used for predicting confederations bankruptcy are logistic regression, multiple discriminant analysis, and probit models (Ramana, Azash, Ramakrishnaiah, 2012). By analyzing and interpreting monetary statements using several(predicate) ratios and techniques shareholders, potential investors, bankers, analysts and all other potential stakeholders can gain valuable information about the financial status of a familiarity, its borrowing power and solvency position (Yap & Yong, 2010). monetary ratio variables are used for assessing the financial information and historical trends of financial performance of a business, which in turn serve as cracking indicators of financial troubles ahead (Yap & Yong, 2010). However, there are also some criticisms of accounting-ratio-based models. Some researchers suggest that the accounting ratios welcome limited cap acity for predicting bankruptcy as accounting information is usually formulated to describe the financial condition of the company, assuming that it will not go bankrupt (Hillegeist, Keating, Cram & Lundstedt, 2004). Thus, for example, Hillegeist, Keating, Cram & Lundstedt (2004) have cerebrate that traditional accounting-based measures (such as accounting ratio analysis) are not sufficient enough for predicting the probability of bankruptcy.Ramana N, Azash S, Ramakrishnaiah K, 2012. Financial performance and predicting the risk of bankruptcy A case of selected cement companies in India, International Journal of frequent Administration and Management Research, vol. 1(1), pp. 40-56.Yap B, and Yong D, 2010. How well do financial ratios and multiple discriminant analysis predict company failures in Malaysia, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 54,

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