Tuesday, April 23, 2019

HUM310 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HUM310 - Essay ExampleThis statement nominate also be found in different sections of the book fifty-fifty more emphasizing how Dubois believes that the division of the society based on the splutter color of the people has greatly impacted the interactions of people within the society, that is between dark-skinned and fair-skinned people.He creates the symbolic representation of a Veil that describes how African Americans, and other dark-skinned men at that, atomic number 18 separated from the arena they are living in. Living in a predominantly white society, African Americans living in the American society face different kinds of unjust and unfair treatment. There is somehow a sort or a Veil that separates the two worlds though living in the same space.But pull down in this line of thought, Dubois himself was able to break free from that Veil, from the division, by being able to engage himself in the activities that the White men believe Blacks cannot. He became a university graduate. He was able to present his thoughts with great impact, oddly through his work The Souls of Black Folks. He was also able to show, even within his work, how African Americans can integrate themselves within the society that is evidently has divisions.Dubois presented the concept of dual consciousness which allowed the readers to see how African Americans even within themselves are separated. African Americans are torn within themselves because of their culture and color and their citizenship. African Americans assay everyday with segregation, discrimination and restrictions of their activities. They struggle everyday fighting for their human rights and beliefs that they, too, are part of the society they are living in. And while they are struggling for their own identity in a world which doesnt readily accept that they, too, have the same rights as human beings, they also struggle within themselves seeing

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