Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Assess the role of the French Revolution in the Rise of Nationalism Essay

Assess the role of the French Revolution in the Rise of Nationalism - Essay Example Originally, the revolution was seen as an accepted rebellion against the supreme power of the king and against the civil liberties and wealth of the selected few, however, they were carried out in the name of liberation, egalitarianism, and fraternity. Nevertheless, in actual sense it resulted to the loss of liberation, tyranny, and nationalism, additionally, the revolution was due to a detestation of tradition and yearning to utilize the power of the state to generate a new-fangled order. Therefore, people were bestowed new identities as citizens of the state, but to put an end to the resistance towards revolution and the new order, about 18,000 - 40,000 people were killed.3 Thus, because of the death of many people, the revolution was not capable of establishing a long-lasting system of governance, hence, in the subsequent century; France could be ruled differently as a republic, a tyranny, a legitimate realm, and two diverse empires and under several dissimilar constitutions. In addition to that, the following incidents caused by the revolution encompass the Napoleonic wars, the re-establishment of the realm, and two extra revolutions as recent France developed.4 Moreover, numerous incidents took place during the revolution that started from the very significant function of National Assembly beginning 1789 to 1791.5 This was followed by the collapse of the fort of Bastille, assertion of human rights, the detention of king and queen that was later followed by their murder, stop of the reign of terror with Robespear. Furthermore, revolution put an end to tyrannical and corrupt rule in France, judicious thoughts overthrew the orthodox, limitless monarchy, and feudalism was discarded.6 On the other hand, revolution had also consequences on the world in which it provided recommendation to the world that the king can never be an emissary of God but of people. Revolution also

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