Sunday, August 11, 2019

Housing issues and housing solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Housing issues and housing solutions - Essay Example The residential facilities are poorly repaired and maintained and the security in the locality is compromised. This has seen several tenants shift to other residential facilities not managed by the firm. This discourse is an advice to Riverslake Housing Association in its housing management strategies. Involving tenants in vital decision making in matters regarding housing estate management have proven to be of great importance. For instance, In Tamworth, Landlord Services Tenancy agreement was reviewed on consulting the tenants and it is one of the best agreements ever achieved. Tenants also participated in the initiation of Housing Revenue account (HRA) and this has been helpful to both the tenants and the landlords. Such involvement also saw the launch of various projects dubbed ‘plant a pot’ and ‘Grow your own’ and these are meant to conserve the environment and create a sense of belonging among the tenants. Furthermore, ‘the love where you live’ and ‘BIG Tidy Up’ campaigns has resulted to clean living environments and united tenants, this would not be achieved if every decisions were made by the housing estate managers. Consulting tenants ensures that services provided are accordance to the tenants needs. Tenants would be exact or precise on their wishes and needs and this would help the housing estate managers save time and resources to fix specific areas as per the tenants needs. Furthermore, this would retain the existing tenants and attract more as there wishes and needs are well taken care of. Major housing management firms in California opted to involve their tenants in major decision making and this increased their income by 12% according to the report dubbed, ‘involving tenants’ This encourages them to pay their dues or rent in good time and this advantageous to the housing managers (Audit

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