Monday, August 26, 2019

Swot Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Swot - Case Study Example This essay would further analyze these four aspects regarding NBB. The strengths of NBB would first be discussed. The major strength of the company can be said to be the corporate social responsibility that the company possesses. It has always believed in providing its customers the best possible product along with the best social environment that the company can provide. The corporate social responsibility of the firm helps it to form a proper infrastructure for its employees who are given particular prizes for their job in NBB. These can be in the form of grants or other monetary values. It also keeps a special check on the recycling and reuse of products that it is manufacturing. This also adds to the corporate social responsibility of the firm. Moreover they also utilize the energy in the best possible ways because of which the release of harmful gases in the environment is quite less. All these factors together help to gain a better brand image amongst the customers. Moreover with the maintenance of corporate social responsibility the sales of the company are also maintained. Also the company has a variety of beers which are produced which help in gaining product diversity. The weaknesses of the company include the way it markets its products. Here the company does not use the proper traditional way of marketing their beer and this can cause them to lose customers. The company does not have a broad market where it produces its products as it is only limited to certain states of America. The company produces specific beers at specific times too because of which they can be at loss too as it is possible that some of the customers only like NBB because of these specific products. The opportunities that the company has can be clearly seen in the growing market of beer. Beer consumption amongst the adolescents is also increasing per day. This means that if the company expands it would be able to grab a greater

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