Friday, August 23, 2019

Critical Summaries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Critical Summaries - Essay Example Mimics and gestures are also predetermined by culture. At the same time, some facial expressions are universal. Russell (1991) considers different points of view and recognizes limitations of his study. Provided literature review clearly explains different approaches to emotion categorization. Significance of culture and language in emotion cognition become clear when Russell (1991) supports them with examples and observations. This article becomes the point of departure for further research in sociocultural aspect of emotions. The article The Construction of Emotion in Interactions, Relationships, and Cultures by Boiger and Mesquita (2012) presents the main argument that emotions are constructed in the process of social interactions. Authors list three main contexts of interactions which can be moment-to-moment, ongoing relationships and sociocultural. Moment-to-moment interactions motivate emotional responses in people which become parts of ongoing relationships that exist in bigger sociocultural context. All these contexts define uniqueness and character of emotional response people express in the process of communication. Boiger and Mesquita (2012) oppose naturalist models which define emotions as universal, invariant and innate programs. Their line of reasoning relies on developmental psychology which studies emotion formation in infants and adults. For instance, infants develop their in the process of interaction with their caregivers. Being in relationships, people do not only express their emotions, but share them. As a result, their emotions adapt to the kind of relationships they have. Finally, sociocultural context often defines expected emotional responses in particular situations. Overall, Boiger and Mesquita (2012) back their argument referring to other relevant research with makes their article persuasive. They present enough facts and examples to apply their theory practically and show how it works.

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