Sunday, August 25, 2019

Intensive Writing - Relationship between two Articles Essay

Intensive Writing - Relationship between two Articles - Essay Example The relationship between these articles can be based on the used themes, opinions addressed and the type of society that was used in the context of the article. "Black like them" is written by Malcolm Gladwell and most of its characters are from New York and its neighborhoods. Joane Nagel, on the other hand, writes â€Å"Constructing Ethnicity Creating and Recreating Ethnic Identity and culture† and tries to explain how different ethnicities affect the choices made by individuals. The articles share several themes since they have the same historical backgrounds. They had been based on the American society during the war era. During his period, people from different parts of the world searched for ‘greener pastures hence increasing the rate of immigrants in the United States. This action brought up the issue of racism since people moved to America from different countries. From the article, "Black like them" the Malcolm uses different characters to show how racism is evident in the society. Moreover, neighborhoods have been divided along racist lines. These blocks include the whites, Blacks, Hispanics and those who were of mixed races. For example, the writer explains how a West Indian boss claims that Garden city; a middle-class neighborhood is not a place for black people. Racial discrimination is also evident in workplaces, where the Noel works in a firm with a white workmate who is paid more than him irrespective of the same qualifications and work di d. Socialists and researchers from known universities have come up numerous situations to have a better understanding of these societies. The boss was an Indian national who could not differentiate between the Black Americans and those from the Caribbean. Joane in her book "Constructing Ethnicity" relates ethnic identity and its role in racism. This is because racism has its roots in different ethnic groups.  

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