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Ecotourism in the UK Tourism Market Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Eco touristry in the UK Tourism Market - Assignment ExampleIn this regard, the balance of eco-tourism has gained relevance in the global market in the past few decades. It has its relevance primarily in the niche market and is trying to gain sustainable development. Ecotourism is different from the other forms of travelling as it focuses on conserving cancel areas by sharing knowledge and educating the flock about the benefits of these resources. Ecotourism as per the researchers is interested in permissive waste locations and pristine areas. Ecotourism creates benefits by travelling in inhering areas and exhibiting education to the people (Wood, 2002). However, the approach of ecotourism might neither be able to replace the existing tourism activities nor will it be able to sustain the agonistical market. This essay intends to evaluate relevance of the eco-tourism and its failure in the United Kingdom through appropriate examples. In addition, the potential and role of ecotouri sm in the UK and the form through which it can be administered will likewise be determined. Ecotourism It is a nature- based tourism which is an effective tool for the development of environment by appreciating and adoring the natural resources without disturbing it. It is an important form of travelling as it is effective in educating the people regarding the conservation of the natural areas. ... A few of the new tourism areas which have come into relevance due to ecotourism are the give up areas and tropical areas which are poor and underdeveloped. The eco-tourism explores areas which are rich in heritage and encompasses the protected landscape for the draw a bead on of travelling. These areas can be the national parks and castles as well (Wood, 2002 The International Ecotourism Society, 2000). One of the key issues with reckon to ecotourism is that anyone can use the name to promote its tourism as it has no rules and restrictions on its use. It is used for the advise of mar keting without really exploring the natural areas and at times its name is misused for the promotion of tourism manufacture (Wood, 2002). Ecotourism Not Promoted As a Major Sector in the UK Tourism Market The key business that is associated with ecotourism in the United Kingdom includes a lack of destination which is left unexplored by the tourism industry. Moreover, the UK has less natural areas such as forests and deserts which can be discovered and explained by educating people through tourism. Also, the UK is unable to satisfy the standards of the small scale tourism which is orthodox in nature. The increasing cosmos of the UK is also affecting the presence of eco-tourism as the number of the natural areas is reducing with the rise in the habitants. match to statistics, it is estimated that the population of the UK might increase by nearly 4.3 million by 2018 which would affect ecotourism (Office for National Statistics, 2013). In terms of another crucial determinant, it can be affirmed that the demography of a country also influences the ecotourism to a certain extent. The main tourists of ecotourism are youngsters, mid-aged

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