Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Megacities in Asia - City report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Megacities in Asia - City report - Essay typesetters caseTokyos population growth has been influenced by the availability of jobs that lure Japanese citizens to move in to work in the industries.Despite the citys area being 0.6% of total Japan landmass, the city holds approximately 10% of total japan population. The large population in the city makes Tokyo the around densely populated prefecture in Japan. However, like the whole of Japan, the city is characterized by an ageing population. The birth regularize is low thus growth in population is almost zero. For example, in 2010, there were 109000 births and 104000 deaths. This implied that the population grew by only 4000 for the whole year (Tokyo Metropolitan Government). In the same year, the child population (ages 0 14) was 1.477 billion labor force (ages 15 64) at 8.85 million and finally the aged populace (ages 65 and over) at 2.642 million. The figures can be simplified into percentages to 11.4%, 68.2% and 20.4% respecti vely.Tokyo is characterized by light industries that are comprised of electronics, and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals and products. Moreover, the city is more than of managerial city that houses the offices of many companies in other areas in japan. Most heavy industries are rigid outside in the prefectures surrounding Tokyo and also other cities such as Fukushima and Osaka.Japan is a heavily industrialized country. Thus, Tokyo offers a center where stock trade is done. The Tokyo stock change over takes the second position in the conception after New York. In 2013, the stock exchange grocery was US$4.5 trillion. This depicts Tokyo as a major economic center in Japan and the world (Clark 164).The per capita income of japan is one of the highest in the word. Tokyo, being the biggest city in terms of GDP in the world, enjoys a high per capita income of $55766. This is relatively higher than that of the whole country because of the high GDP of Tokyo is in profusion of $83 7 billion.Education in Tokyo

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