Thursday, May 9, 2019

Exam Notes - Strategic Management Analysis Essay

Exam Notes - Strategic Management Analysis - Essay Example crack adjust wants to introduce effective improvements in the mobility of the electronic vehicles by increasing the capacity of the batteries affaird in these cars. Better vex aims at creating a comprehensive solution for the issues related to the electronic vehicles which would deliver values for divers(prenominal) profiles of drivers. The fundamental concept behind the Better sterns vision is to re-engineer the electronic cars to create expeditious vehicles. Better Place is aimed at making the world a better place to live in by supporting the use of electric vehicles as a means to harbor the environment. The uses of the fuel ply vehicles are known to create several health issues and environmental hazards. The increasing concerns of the population of the world towards the environmental issues are driving the need for the companies to create products to support the green capabilities (Wery and Derriennic, 2010, p. 91) . These factors majorly influence the success of Better Place as it is likely to fulfil a much required need in the current industrial scenario. The products of Better Place are aimed at increasing the environmental and economic sustainability of the electric vehicles. Better Place and its stakeholders are interdependent on each other. The governments throughout the globe are majorly interested in decrease the usage of ICE technologies in the automobiles sector. The government is providing different incentives for pool cars, congestion pricing, parking tolls for encouraging the use of public transportation (Etzion and Struben, 2011, p.47). The stakeholders would majorly influence the functioning and success of Better Place. The social communities supporting the environmental avail causes are also likely to influence the business of Better place. The customers are getting more concern about the green movements and the conscious people are adopting the electric vehicles as a way to protect the environment as well as a way to add to their social image. The suppliers and manufacturers of the electric vehicles and move would also be majorly impacting Better Place. Thus, Better Place would be highly affected by the ever-changing government policies, buying patterns of the consumers as well as the directment interests of the investors, all of whom are part of the stakeholder group. shareholder Mapping Matrix The shareholders are individuals or communities that influence the business through their various activities. The shareholders play a critical role in the success of Better Place. It is likely that many shareholders would be eager to invest in the business considering the innovative approach of the business and the probability of the business generating a high expire on the investments (Freeman, 2010, p.71). Also, the shareholders would have an interest in the business considering the environmental viability of the business. In the shareholder mapping matri x, some(prenominal) the interest level and the power level are high for the shareholders of Better Place.

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