Wednesday, May 15, 2019

LIEN A LAND INC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

LIEN A LAND INC - Essay standardtenure, he has done a remarkable job that has seen the company acquire a large invitee family and grow from a medium to a big company now, growing its asset base to eight times since its inception. Though Hoang joined this company with only a diploma in gross gross sales and marketing, he has afforded to study a higher diploma and a degree in this field. This has signifi fuckingtly alter his sales knowledge. However, for the last six months, Hoang does not seem to be enthusiastic round his duties and his performance is storied to be deteriorating. Hoang has of late been discovered to have a lot of complains about the nature of his work, an issue that seems to fix the other junior staff in the marketing department. Consequently, the department is noted to have declined in its performance, notably for the past six months, having little growth in customer base achieved during the period.His manager, Mr. Nguyen, is deeply concerned about Hoang per formance. He has confronted him severally over this issue. After this confrontation by the manager, Mr. Nguyen, Hoang feels offended and threatens to quit his job. He goes on to write a letter of resignation, citing the managers confrontation, as well as lack of promotional material as the reasons. The manager is in turn aggrieved by Huangs claims because he had increased his salary to hold that of the marketing manager. The manager decided to let Hoang quit his job, but on a second opinion consider his important role in the organization. This conflict reaches a stalemate and calls for the indulgence of the company owners to purport the dispute.In an attempt to know why this is happening, the commission set to give Hoang an audience, so he can raise his grievances. When he presented his case, the management understood that Hoang was demotivated, since he expected the management to promote him to the rank of sales and marketing manager of the new branch they had established in a different city. Contrary to his expectation, the management had

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